Help with BB and Aeros

So I have my BB and aeros rigged up to my mixer
They work fine but
I have a Fender deville and it’s only out is preamp out to the aeros.
When I loop it back the sound quality of the looped guitar isn’t great.
What do I need to take my nice tone I get from my amp to my aeros?
Any help would be appreciated

If your amp has a poor output or FX loop consider moving the Aeros in front of the amp. The disadvantage is that if you change settings on the amp, the loops will change upon playback.

I assume your levels are fine and not clipping.

How does the preamp out sound normally without the Aeros?

The pre amp out is my only option to get my guitar signal to the aeros
I guess it isn’t bad sound quality when I loop it back. But it does sound very bland, or basic. I’m not getting my amps tone on the loop.
Is there something I could use to just Mic my amp and then send that to the aeros?

May be, If it possible, use Eros in your amps FX loop. AKA 4 cable method. For example The 4 Cable Method (4CM) - What It Is and How To Use It Correctly - Roland Australia

Hey there the reason it doesn’t sound good is you are sending an unmodeled tone out of the amp, this in/out loop is only meant for time-based effects (reverb, delay, flanger, etc). This is an understandable issue, but really the only way to fix it is to:
A - mic the amplifier and send that miked signal to the Aeros
B - use an amp modeler to record sounds into the Aeros

It is definitely tricky to use multiple types of guitar sounds that actually sound ‘good’ going into the Aeros, there is no one way to get a good result, but the above two options are likely your best bet.

Thanks for the question!

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