Help with BB Manager Synchronization

Can someone please help me understand how to get synchronization working between the BB Manager and the Files on my computer and the SD Card? My understanding is that I should be able to make changes in either place and the BB manager should synchronize the changes between these two locations. But this never seems to happen.

I am using the BB Manager on OSX High Sierra. I connect my Beatbuddy to the computer via a USB cable.

So I have a project on my computer that doesn’t seem to be synchronized to the SD card, even though I have synchronized it before. I click export project to SD card, and it takes a super long time to clean up everything and transfer all of the files over. When it is done, I click ‘Yes’ to the prompt ‘Do you want to link the exported project for future synchronization’.

Now what? I have done this several times and nothing seems to be synchronized. What am I supposed to do to leverage the synchronized project? e.g. If I make a change on my computer, and then plug in the beatbuddy pedal, how can I get the manager to recognize that it is ready to synch so I dont need to do a full project export again?

Thanks so much!

Hi there.
i have the same problem, do you find the solution ?

Read the posts in the link. Some takeaways:
Make sure your SD card is not locked

  • Don’t use the USB connection method—use the SD card slot reader on your Mac
  • The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) sychronize project capability does not work due to a BBM bug
  • Use BBM File - Export Project to SD card and accept the prompt for future synchronization; the Sync menu entry remains available as long as you don’t quit the BBM or restart your computer (for me it’s not an issue as I hardly ever need to restart my Mac and I just leave the BBM open

Why does the BBM still have this synchronize bug almost 2 years later? I love the sounds that the BB makes, and its great to use live after setup, but man its hard integrating this thing into a creative studio workflow.