Help with custom CC commands

What cc commands do I need to custom turning off an Aeros loop when changing song parts and turning on again with the next song part? Have tried several options put the loop continues. Preferably a button for each operation. Help would be much appreciated. (Baring in mind I tend to prerecord my loops).

Hey there,

Have you tried muting the specific track?

This will stop a track’s playback

Here are all the possible mute commands from the command doc

CC:38 Mute Command Value Description
Mute All 0 Mutes all tracks
Mute/Unmute Track 1-6 Mutes/Unmutes track depending on current state (track # = value #)
Mute Track 11 Mute Track 1, follows the global Mute Settings
12 Mute Track 2,
13 Mute Track 3,
14 Mute Track 4,
15 Mute Track 5,
16 Mute Track 6,
Unmute Track 21 Unmute Track 1, follows the global Mute Settings
22 Unmute Track 2,
23 Unmute Track 3,
24 Unmute Track 4,
25 Unmute Track 5,
26 Unmute Track 6,
Mute EOL 31 Value 31: Mute Track 1 at End of Loop (EOL)
32 Value 32: Mute Track 2 at EOL
33 Value 33: Mute Track 3 at EOL
34 Value 34: Mute Track 4 at EOL
35 Value 35: Mute Track 5 at EOL
36 Value 36: Mute Track 6 at EOL
Unmute EOL 41 Value 41: Unmute Track 1 at EOL
42 Value 42: Unmute Track 2 at EOL
43 Value 43: Unmute Track 3 at EOL
44 Value 44: Unmute Track 4 at EOL
45 Value 45: Unmute Track 5 at EOL
46 Value 46: Unmute Track 6 at EOL
Mute EOM 51 Value 51: Mute Track 1 at End of Measure (EOM)
52 Value 52: Mute Track 2 at EOM
53 Value 53: Mute Track 3 at EOM
54 Value 54: Mute Track 4 at EOM
55 Value 55: Mute Track 5 at EOM
56 Value 56: Mute Track 6 at EOM
Unmute EOM 61 Value 61: Unmute Track 1 at EOM
62 Value 62: Unmute Track 2 at EOM
63 Value 63: Unmute Track 3 at EOM
64 Value 64: Unmute Track 4 at EOM
65 Value 65: Unmute Track 5 at EOM
66 Value 66: Unmute Track 6 at EOM
Mute Immediately 71 Value 71: Mute Track 1 Immediately
72 Value 72: Mute Track 2 Immediately
73 Value 73: Mute Track 3 Immediately
74 Value 74: Mute Track 4 Immediately
75 Value 75: Mute Track 5 Immediately
76 Value 76: Mute Track 6 Immediately
Unmute Immediately 81 Value 81: Unmute Track 1 Immediately
82 Value 82: Unmute Track 2 Immediately
83 Value 83: Unmute Track 3 Immediately
84 Value 84: Unmute Track 4 Immediately
85 Value 85: Unmute Track 5 Immediately
86 Value 86: Unmute Track 6 Immediately
Unmute All 127 Unmutes all tracks, follows global mute settings

Have tried 0 and 127 on lift off. Maybe I’ve put it in the wrong place (it follows next part on, next part off).

I think you need the commands like this
depend if you want to toggle or not
This one is not toggle and react as press you mute and release you change the parts on Aeros and beatbuddy
ex : You want to mute the track one and go to parts 2:
You need to make this commands:
1-Device Aeros>channel (yours)>CC 38>Value 31 (mute track one EOL)
2-Device Aeros> Channel (yours)>CC 113> Value 127(Next part)
3-Device Aeros >Channel (yours) > CC 113>value 0(transition to select part)

This is to mute track one and switch to NEXT PART Aeros and BB
In your custom set it like this:
1 as press
2 and 3 as release

Start the press at the last measure if you have a transition on the BB

You can toggle the 2 and 3 if you want

Thanks, Steve. I’ll give that a try when I have a mo and let you know. :slight_smile:

Take your time
If you want to take a look how it works
here : Mute CC commands - YouTube


Getting there but…

Had to use 38/41 also (on toggle) and it now mutes and unmutes (regardless of whether it’s supposed to mute or unmute). My normal change press (separate button) now also mutes and unmutes although it’s the same as it’s always been. :thinking: How come?

I have two identical loops that run across three parts but I don’t want to hear it on the second part.

2x2 song.

Ah ok
What you do is mute the track 1 and 2 together with 2 commands

try it with the Mute ALL CC 38 Value 0 this mute the 2 tracks togheter in a single command
CHECK your Aeros settings for immediate, End of measure or End of loop ?

If I understand:
you have 2 parts in a 2X2 song
You want to play like this:
Part 1 is playing >Part 2 is muted> part 2 is playing and you restart with
Part 1 is playing> Part 2 is muted> part 2 is playing

I have a 2x2 song in three parts (chorus, bridge, verse, which repeats three time with a chorus, bridge, chorus at the end) and a single loop that potentially runs through all the parts of the song but I’d prefer it not to feature in the bridge. Hence a button to turn off the loop when I change song parts. 38/0 was my first effort, then a toggle with 38/127. Rather than hit and miss with changing in the app and waiting for it to load every time I was hoping someone had the answer.

I’ve tried 38/71 and 38/81 which mutes okay but the first time it changes it also stays on the transition and doesn’t go to the next part.

To go to next part and cancel transition
You need to add
CC 113 value 127
CC 113 Value 0

Don’t need to add them, already there as a press and release.