Help with failed update

Hi y’all!

I like many have “bricked” my BeatBuddy in a failed update attempt. Also, I only started a new thread because I felt the other one was a little old and I’m sure you’ve updated your procedures since…

Attempted update: 1.8.5
Symptom: Update left a blank white screen for approx 20 mins.
Mistake: Unplugging BeatBuddy and trying to “reboot”?
Result: $300 paperweight;)

Running a Windows 7 pc with an SD card reader and usb 2.0 port. Please advise…


What have you tried since this happened?

  • The first thing I’d suggest is trying to re-install the firmware on the card; turn the pedal power off; insert the card and power back on.
  • If this doesn’t work, you can try re-flashing the SD card which puts a fresh image on your SD card; I think the instructions are still here on the forum; this is the equivalent of
    • formatting your SD card (32-bit FAT)
    • downloading and installing the latest default content to the card which is here
    • installing the firmware
  • If you still need help, you can contact me via Conversation.