Help with MIDI setup

New to MIDI, but have reasonable experience with computers.

I’m using the cable as a replacement for the original PS2 to MIDI splitter which came with a sound card.
Trying to use the sync cable to make the following setup:

  • Old keyboard (General Music CD10) MIDI OUT
  • Sync cable MIDI IN
  • Xonar D2/PM
  • Ableton Live 9 (MIDI set to MPU-401)

I can’t get a MIDI signal (also tested in MIDI-OX) when selecting MPU-401 with all channels open.

Could it be that the Beatbuddy cable is different in some way, or am I missing something else?

Any would be very much appreciated.

Some more details might help us figure out what it is you’re trying to sync? What is plugged into what, and what exactly are you trying to do?

This might help

Thanks for the responses.
I have had contact with Beatbuddy Support (excellent btw) and they confirmed that their cable does exactly what my original Asus cable did, convert a PS2 port to MIDI in and MIDI out. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the cables each have the connections soldered to different pins, but I don’t know if that’s very likely.

Also had contact with the infamous Asus support, they used a lot of words to say: “you’re on your own.”

I’ll try to make my setup clearer, the goal is to use the keyboard to control midi instruments with acceptable latency in Ableton.

  1. General Music CD10 keyboard
  2. Male 5 pin MIDI cable in MIDI OUT of keyboard
  3. Male 5 pin MIDI cable in MIDI IN of Sync Cable
  4. PS2 from Sync Cable in MIDI I/O bracket from Asus Xonar D2/PM (you can also see the original cable in the picture below)
  5. MIDI bracket connected to main part of same sound card.
  6. Select MPU-401 as MIDI input in Ableton [ATTACH=full]2683[/ATTACH]

Something new just happened, the input turned orange since my previous attempt.
Apparently this usually indicates trouble with Windows interfering with a USB port when using an USB converter.
But even when all was “normal”, the box in the top right wouldn’t flash if I hit a note on the keyboard.

Could it be the problem is somehow related to the Asus drivers?
Once again, I’m very new to MIDI, could this setup work or am I missing something obvious?

Hope this made it somewhat clear, if you need more specific info just ask me.


Quick update on previous post, MIDI input was orange in Ableton because MIDI-OX was open at the same time.
Back to normal after closing MIDI-OX.