Help with Program Change through CC for Roland GR-55

I am trying fo figure out how to configure a program change for a Roland GR-55 (to select an specific patch). Usually I have done it with Onsong with no problems (sending a bank select MSB, LSB, and a program change). Also with a Behringer FCB1010. Now I am trying to replicate that in MM (I have added 3 commands, MSB, LSB and PC and assigned them to a button). I can verify that GR-55 is receiving the commands from MM but it does not work. I have monitored midi messages from OnSong and from MM and there is a small difference. OnSong sends each command twice (MSB, LSB, PC). Also in the MM messages a [MP] label is added at the end (I don’t know if this is added by MM??). Any help is appreciated.

I really appreciate the work from Singular Sound staff to improve MM (thank you for BTM!) and the app, but IMO there is yet a long way to the promise formulated to attract our attention to MM: “MIDI has been famously hard to program …until now. The MIDI Maestro™ makes customizing your commands as easy as playing three power chords and calling it a song”. Hope this will be reality soon!

Some ideas:
Desktop application to program MM (tablet is no equal to usability, specially with this app).
Possibility to create custom modes with a text editor with some kind of pseudo-language.
Several custom modes at the same time with an easy way to change between them (or more pages of commands).
IOS app, please (I have bought an android tablet only to program MM…and it is a pain to connect and reconnect BTM to IOS an then to Android all time to program and test the custom modes). I know that Apple is complicating this but remember that some of us bought MM almost 3 years ago…


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This thread might provide some enlightenment. It seems that that the GR-55 wants to receive both a bank command and a patch command to select patches. One is CC and the other is a PC. Good luck!


Thanks Phil. That is what I was trying to implement: bank command (MSB, LSB) + PC, but it does not work (that midi command works fine with OnSong and other pedal boards like FCB1010 to change patches).

Curious if this was ever resolved?