Help with purchase, which kits do I need?


I mostly play rock, with maybe a few other pop type songs.

What kits should I buy to play most of the songs I would be downloading?

My guess is these sets would cover me 99%:
Standard Pro - drums & percussion
John Bonham
Vintage Ludwig
Drum & Bass - Drum Set
Phil Collins

What I am trying to avoid is downloading a song I want to play, and not having the kit I need to use it.

Would I be safe with the above kits, is it overkill and I only need 2-3 of them?


They’re all good kits but IMO the most versatile kit is the Standard Pro followed by the Vintage Ludwig.

I agree!

I agree! Standard Pro and Vintage Ludwig are my go-to kits for gigs …with bass. Ballads is also pretty good for slow songs.

For rock I’d recommend the new Bonham kit & also the Phil Collins for that big 80’s sound.

Vintage Ludwig -Standard Pro - Ballad.
Though it depends what you’re after Standard Pro is a must however, Ludwig for that great deep warm kick sound 70’s.
Ballad kit seems to have reverb on it good for ballads 80s etc.There are also some great kits on resources from members.The Roland 909 drum machine sounding kit is awesome for cheesy 80s sounds ie Vienna.
p.s also World Percussion kit is handy is you’re playing cafes and remember you can creative your own kit using a mix of all these

Thanks for the nudge Dave. The post made me do a simple task I meant to get to. We’ve used the BB for more than 2 years in our trio (25-30 gigs a year in a variety of venues). We do ‘the usual’ classic rock with some surprises and a few of my originals. We very quickly ramped BB into use initially planning to do a few songs we wound up using it on all but a couple of the usual 34 or 35 each night.

Obviously a choice was made initially as we went over each song in a set and over time a few got changed but the early choices have largely remained intact. For instance when Standard Pro came out it was a good fit (more subdued) for 8 songs like Heart of Gold, Feels Like Rain, Wind Cries Mary. Standard 1.1 still carries the bulk of things (18 songs) - Petty, Eagles, The Band. Rock 1.1 gets only 2 -Crazy Train and Crossroads. Plus we have a nice change with ‘one offs’ like a user created Ben Cajon for ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ and Rock with Bass for ‘Key to the Highway’ and Cow Tam with its cow bell works well on ‘Honky Tonk Women’. We have a number songs in the works which will spread things a bit but this is the heart of the matter.


So, this Friday I am going to purchase:

  1. John Bonham
  2. Standard Pro drum-set
  3. Vintage-ludwig-drum-set
  4. Drum-n-bass
  5. Ballad-drum-set
  6. Phil-colins-inspired

I am hoping all of them will have bass, but if not I will have to figure out how to add the bass to each kit.

Thanks for everyone’s input!


The Standard Pro and Vintage Ludwig have been tweaked by users that own those kits for non-percussion bass. I think there might be tweaked Ballad and Jazz kits too.

These do not have bass from Singualar - It was added to some kits by users.

Dave, don’t waste your money on the ‘Drum & Bass’ kit - it does not have any bass, it’s an odd sounding drum kit for the style of music called ‘drum & bass’ that was around a few years ago. No good for rock at all.


I purchased before reading your post Klink :frowning:

This is what I went with:
[]Standard Pro- drums & percussion
]Vintage Ludwig Drum Set

[*]Ballad - drum set

[*]Phil Collins- inspired - drum set

[*]Drum & Bass - drum set (eeeekkk!)

[*]John Bonham- Inspired Drum Set
I also picked up Metallica, The Stones, and Most Pop. #3.

Thanks for everyone’s input, I will try the Red Barchetta song with the new kit tonight and see how it sounds.


“Drum and Bass” is a specific Electronic music genre.

This drumset is specifically designed to that genre. There are many people doing it live now with synths and mixed samples. BB’s version of this is actually a great implementation.

All of the premium song packs come with a recommendation of which drum kit to use. A few songs can ONLY be played as “recorded” with a specific kit because of the instruments used.

If you don’t purchase one of those kits, or something very specific like Flamenco, the sets you list will get you through 99% of what you want to do.