Help With Reaper

Ive finally gotten the hang of the BB midi editor,but now want to take it a little further and explore Reaper for editing becuase BB editor has limitations. Does anyone or can anyone provide me with a link to a you tube vid that explains importing midi to reaper to edit in there.I just find BB too monotonous I want to be able to write 8 bar patterns without having to type in every hi hat etc just to get a varied kick or snare in the 8th bar. I want be able to cut and paste one bar 8 times for example that you cant do in BB so I cant add a little variaion here and there at the moment you have to painstakingly type in every instrument for each bar.

Although the screen shots are no longer available, this post by Guitar Stu might help you get started with Reaper and editing for the BeatBuddy.

that link was as clear as mud to me lol…perhaps BB next update can focus on improving the midi editor so theres is a copy paste option to enable quicker editing for longer patterns