Help with simple Aeros/Midi Maestro funtion

I’m using my Aeros and Midi Maestro in custom mode right now. I basically just want to toggle in between 2 prerecorded loops (loop 1 and loop 2) but I also want to have the ability to start on either loop 1 or loop 2 and just toggle between them at will. What is the command that will do this?

Right now, I’m using cc:113 val:101 for loop 1 and cc:113 val:102 for loop 2. If I load a song on the Aeros and first try to trigger loop 2, loop 1 always starts. Thanks!

Hi can you please clarify if the loops you are referring to are in the same part or in another one?

The Aeros cannot start one track without the other tracks in the same part also starting. If you wish to have only one playing, you could use the Solo command to solo the track you want to hear, and then solo the other. Solo commands do not start the Aeros from a stopped state, you will still have to start playback.

CC:39 Solo and Stop
Solo 1-6 Solos track (track # = value #). This behaves like a XOR solo function, only one track can be soloed at a time in a given song part. 3.0.0
Unsolo 127 Un-solos track, this unmutes all other tracks in the song part. 3.0.0

Here is a list of all supported Aeros commands.

Let me know!

Just to clarify: I have the Aeros configured in 2x2 mode. Loop 1 is my first loop and Loop 2 is the “next part” loop.

cc 113 value 127