Help with tips for using user generated songs?

All right I’ve been downloading some user generated songs, have the kits etc. that parts all okay.

Since a,it of files were lost and the replacements don’t always have chest sheets etc. are there some basic tips that can help a guy out with how to use the songs?

There’s some songs with 2 parts or long frost section and a very long outro. How do I know when to change parts it does not seem like an obvious key change etc.

I’ve got one song that does not play on my pedal the intro is null and the body is a One Press song. It plays in the manger fine when I hit the section but also won’t play via the virtual pedal.

Is there a way to set the one Press songs up so you can stop them if you want? As they are now they won’t exit unless they run out or change the song. It would be cool if I can abort the beat buddy if things go south.

Lastly some of the songs have the recommended drum kit with bass but the bass Has super amounts of sustain and is very low. So much it sounds crap on the computer and subwoofer. Is that normal?

Thank you.

BTW I’m practicing this for live performances not just the living room if that makes a difference.

You could setup all the One Press songs in a different section / folder of your SD card (at the bottom) and keep them separate from the non One Press songs…for now

cheat sheets - listen to the original recording of the song. download a cheat sheet from one of the many guitar tab sites, and see what sounds like it fits where. there is no magic pill

parts songs with a long section - are some of these labeled as a “jam version?” If so the main loop repeats as long as you like for a blues jam, for example. Then the long outro wraps up the song. Other than that, rather than having us guess, identify the song.

The One press song that is not working correctly - again, what song?

Stopping songs - Triple tap

super sustain - likely a firmware/software issue. some versions did not recognize midi note off. What firmware version are you using?What version of the BBM software a you using? Are you Mac or PC? For some kits you made need to find the version of the kit labeled NP.

okay lots to take in.
This is a steep learning curve for me .
BTW i have the latest BB manger and the latest BB pedal software.

I will go through the songs and see what I can figure out. Specific problems on a song I cant figure out ill come back to get advice.

I guess I was just a little bummed out that after getting this all going over the last week and finally having a night of playing along with the BB it was disappointing. very hard for me to figure out where to come in etc. I do have disabled the intro as they are usually too busy but mayve on the one press songs thats an issue?

I can see I am going to have to figure out how to modify files too.
Songs like good timing man come in way to hard and full when it should be pretty basic soft kick for the versus.

sooo much to learn…

have you just used the built in stock beats that you ca start/stop and trigger fills yourself? never mind the onepress user generated songs until you get used to the stock beats and have fun with that. i agree timing of the one press songs means you need to KNOW THE SONG 100% and know it just like the person who created the OPB which is not easy.

Yes I think that’s exactly part of the problem. Some of the songs seem off to me. The beats don’t sound quite right or the feel. I’m sure the creator of them makes them work great or if I can figure some of them out. But it’s hard to know when to come in exactly when the song is different then the original to begin with.

It would be so awesome if people made videos using some of these songs. I haven’t really found any on you tube.

The pedal and the community is super awesome. Like I say it’s a steep learning curve for me and I have a lot to learn yet.

There are YT vids of people using their Beat Buddy but usually they use their own custom beats that are NOT shared with the BB community here so… yeah makes it harder to watch and learn. Keep it simple and build up till you get comfortable to take it to the next level or else it will become a chore and not enjoyable.

You can check out Diego. He jams live with the BB and his vids are very good at showing him using the BB. lots of good content:

his user name over on YouTube is (click blue link to the right): Diego Hariswara