Help with turning off pre-recorded loop in a particular song part

Hopefully someone can give me a simple solution.

My setup is Midi Maestro, Aeros and BB. I have a three part song (chorus, bridge, verse x 3, then chorus, bridge, chorus) with two identical loops on a 2x2 song. The two loops currently work fine, switching on each song-part change. What I’d like to do though is turn off the loop during the bridge. Any suggestions?

Do you mean that when you change to the bridge you want to cut the sound immediately on the bridge part?

Yes, just for the bridge part, then back to the loop on the chorus.

1 - the new firmware coming out soon and in beta now, have the possibilities to put a volume pedal on the exp input . Need a STEREO jack. can be a solution when you change the part that you drop down the volume for the bridge part
2- are you on a 2x2 mode or 6X6 ?
In 6X6 mode just leave a blank part without nothing( just put a recording without playing)
3- stay on the chorus, and stop the looper at the end of the loop , play your bridge and restart the looper, this will start on your chorus again

Thanks. 2x2, as my original post. How does that work on 6x6? There’s 11 changes altogether. When I’m singing and playing guitar I want things as simple as possible.

in 6X6 just change the parts on the MMYou can jump between the part 1 to 6 on one page

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A bit of experimenting: If I hit stop after I’ve entered the bridge it does what I want and comes back in on the next change. Being ancient I haven’t the patience to faff with 6x6.

It’s a good solution too
But put this on the Maestro is more easy
just command to stop and as toggle the start

@tERRY_mARTIN you have the technology, open up your world and step into all that Aeros has to offer. In 6x6 program your Maestro to switch song parts so you don’t have to scroll through them (using just the Left Aeros switch). This will make switching parts less stressful. Don’t even bother with 2x2. Get used to 6x6. It let’s you do so much more. And yes, if programmed to stop at the end of the loop (don’t activate fade feature) pressing stop/start (big switch on Aeros) will give you the pause from the looper. When you want it back on press start.

Some ideas worth looking at. I use custom on Maestro, don’t actually touch the BB when performing. Haven’t the patience to experiment with 6x6. My attempts haven’t been successful.

I understand it can be complex. The whole reason I got the Aeros was for the 6x6. Previously, I had the Pigtronix Infinity which offered essentially a 2x2 mode. I was frustrated not having the ability to add a bridge to my verse/chorus. So I actually employed a second looper. Lots of your tapping. I don’t use the Maestro so I can’t coach you on that.