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Hey all,
I’ve owned beat buddy for a long time now but have only recently started using this forum and realizing that I can load user generated songs. The only issue is, almost all of them are not working for me. I’ve loaded them and they show up, but I’ve got no sound at all. I’m pretty sure this is because I don’t have the accompanying drum sets, but my question is: when I load them to BBM, Is there a way to see exactly what I don’t have and what is needed to make them work? I’ve also purchased the entire 2019 collection so I thought this would be good enough to make this songs work somehow.
Thanks for the help

Most of the user-generated and posted content includes bass guitar and other instruments so in almost all cases, you’re going to need the user-generated drum set that the song was crafted with. This should give you the best sound and mapping of the added instruments.

There could be two reasons:

  1. as you mentioned, you may not have the correct drum set downloaded, unzipped, imported to the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and active in the BBM. You can click on the Drum Sets tab in the BBM and examine the list of the active drum sets that you have (or don’t have).
    You can quickly identify a song that does not have it’s associated drum set active: if the Default Drum Set: name is preceded by an asterisk, it means the drum set is either not in the BBM or is not active.

  2. some one-press songs require a pedal double-tap to start (this applies where the song’s body is located in the Outro instead of the Intro section).

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