Help with weird sound!!! Troubleshoot

I cross posted this to technical support but has anyone ever run across this? I have only used the beatbuddy 2 times and just got it Friday last week. So kind of a bummer.

[]Reinstall firmware 2.0.4
]Make sure you are using the BB power supply
[]Try the pedal in a different location (different outlet)
]Try different output patch cables
[]Test with headphones
]If none of the above work, contact Support

Ok, I’ll retry the above list. I have already tried number 2, 3, 4 is a brand new cable, I’ll test w/headphones Thanks persist

is it just that beat or do others do that as well?

all fixed Jay helped me. it was a corrupted file or something in the project. reloaded and good to go. Had no idea software coold make that sound

wow thats a new one to me. thanks for let us know the fix. Will have to keep that in mind.