How to run aeros, beat buddy, my pedal board and my amplifier all together and sound good.

Using a 4-channel mixer… Put Aeros in the end of your pedalboard chain and send its two outputs to your mixer — Then leave BeatBuddy in your pedalboard but out of the chain and send its two outputs to your mixer. BeatBuddy sounds better being alone in its own channels. And now, you send your mixer outputs to your amplifier, but be advised, BeatBuddy won’t sound its best in a guitar amplifier… I would rather send the mixer outputs to a full range active speaker (aka PA system).

You can, of course, make two distinct lines… using your pedalboard as usual, direct to your guitar/bass amplifier, and separately you can send BeatBuddy outputs to a little active PA system or a keayboard combo amplifier, or a stereo system.

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BUT… if you’re not intending to use this in a live situation, you can simply do something like this:

Guitar :fast_forward: Pedalboard :fast_forward: Aeros :fast_forward: BeatBuddy :fast_forward: Headphones

Remember to setup your BeatBuddy Stereo/Mono outputs in its settings, acording to your situation.

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I have a little powered P.A. Is there anyway to send just the beat buddy to the P.A and not the amp

Yes, that’s what I said in my second paragraph :wink:

It’s the best course of action if you don’t want to use a mixer. This way you have more control over your BeatBuddy volume and EQ if necessary.

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If you, on the other hand, want to use inears or headphones to listen to the Aeros clicktrack, you could connect BB outs to Aeros aux in. Then set Aeros rec to main in only. You will hear both the clicktrack and BB in your inears, but only BB will be sent to Aeros outs.