Hi all,

So I’m really new to this, but the BB is a great little tool. However, I have a gig this weekend and I really need a simple hi hat beat (i.e. just the hat, no other drums) for acoustic intros to songs and a simple kick beat for a couple of songs. I have had a cast around and I cant seem to find any that are main beats, only intros.

Can anyone help me?

The only way (I know of) is to start working with the BB Manager software now so you can either import a basic 4/4 time Signature MIDI file from the resources area of this forum or create your own. but either way you will have to get to know the BB manager software.

I have the software and I’ve had a good play with it, and also checked the resources section. Really just looking for someone to point me in the right direction for a basic 4/4 hi hat beat coz I can’t find it!

If you have an intro you can use as the main loop then just right-click it, Export MIDI File (name it whatever you want). Then all you have to do is create your new song and use the midi file you just created as the Main Loop. The intro part of a song doesn’t loop but since you’re making it the main loop, it should work for you.

For simple stuff I use the MIDI Editor app, you can download it free from the Main site. It’s also easy to learn.

Hang in there, BB really is pretty powerful which is why there is a bit of a learning curve… I’m still on that curve 6 months after getting mine :smiley:

Should’ve posted the link. This might help.

1234 Intro beat on Bass Drum-Sticks-Hi Hat Pedal-Hi Hat Closed.

Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but it might help.

A while back rob22315 (thanks, Rob) posted some cross stick intros. I moved the cross sticks up to the closed hi-hat and have included both.