Hi all
Having a nightmare lol
I have tried downloading some of your wonderful beats to songs that I love and they are telling me in manager that the maim drum loop is missing in them all
I’m so excited about the Beatbuddy but frustration is taking its toll
Any help would be great
Thanks all

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the BeatBuddy Manager. Are you using the BBM to import the song? You also need to d/l and install the recommended drum set.

Im sure I have these
not sure about recommended drum set do you have to have recommended
I’m downloading ok I’m not sure what to import from all the unzipped section
thanks so much for trying to help I’m really struggling

Each song provided here by users is tailored to a drum set (whether a default drum kit or one that’s crafted by a user). When users post a song to the forum, they will usually identify the kit that sounds best with their song e.g.

You should use the BBM > File > Import Song. If the drum kit is not installed, you should import it using the BBM and click on the drum set tab inthe BBM; click on the check box next to the kit name. Return to the songs tab and try playing your song.

If you’re still getting that same error, it may have something to do with how you’ve installed, configured or are using the BBM