Hey SingularSound, I have an idea for revenue generation for you!

Why not have an “iTunes” type of storefront where BB users could purchase individual premium songs instead of an entire library? I am not likely to purchase a library of music, of which I am likely going to use a handful of songs, but I would certainly purchase those handful of songs individually. I’ll bet there are a lot of users like myself out there.


You mean like this? Single BeatBuddy Songs | Premium Library for BeatBuddy

There is an odd separation between this site and the main Singular Sound site.

Would be nice to have a much simpler process for buying, downloading, and installing the beats. Hopefully a next gen BB dramatically simplifies this and removes the need to use a computer, sd card, etc.

Oh, jeez, how stupid do I feel??? To keep myself from looking stupid, I should delete my original post. However, I will refrain from doing so to help others who may wonder the same, and save them from the embarrassment!

In fairness, it takes a bit of scrolling and some clicking to get to the individual songs - and if you don’t know that’s an option, you might never get that far.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. I searched for it this morning and it took me a few minutes to find it even though I have visited that site several times in the past. At one time it was more apparent , as I recall.

This is SS marketing and odd setup of two web sites that needs a fix.

I did manage to find the single songs website by hunting for it, but it really did take some hunting! Even when finding the link to the actual store, it took several webpage links to get to it…and even the final link didn’t really look like much of a link, more like text that I noticed had a link embedded in it.

It’s a game!!! It’s a puzzle!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


The real puzzle is the entire end to end experience to add content to the device.

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Yeah, I’m just starting to dig into that! It is a bit of a mystery…that needs…decoding…and hunting.

Lol same here!

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma …

Actually I hate iTunes and anything to do with apple.