Hi guys, my mac won't open my BBmanager

So msg on my mac saying, the BB manager that I’ve used in the past must be deleted to save harm to my computor???
Help… I’ve just ordered the brushes kit from singular sound and now don’t know how I’m gonna load to pedal

See if this helps: BBM and 1.6.6.c for MAC Signed and Notarized! Reinstall necessary

If not circle back here and we’ll get it sorted out.

Meanwhile, I’ve deleted your duplicate post from the other thread.

Thank you I have reinstalled BBManager new version and it opens however when I plug my card into mac, BB manager will not reqognise anything, I just wanted to put my new purchased brushes pack on my existing card, it just seems so difficult… Why…

Try this: Quit the BBM and then relaunch.

Can you see your SD card in the Finder? If you can, the BBM should see it as well.

If you are connecting the pedal with the card via USB, recommend you put the SD card in your computer slot reader instead.