hi there ,,i really need a bit help please ive been trying to download midi editor ,,but having prob

sorry loaded by accident before i finished …how do i get midi editor also can i edit endings ,one more thing is beat buddy manager light different from normal bm cheers for answers

The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) has a built-in MIDI Editor. You access it by right-clicking (hold- or control click on a Mac) on a song part. It brings up a sub-menu—select Edit . . .
You can use it to edit endings but sometimes you would be better off using a digital audio workstation.

The BBM 1.6.5 Lite was sort of an interim version that was never renamed. You have the official release and should be good to go.

thanks a lot for this cant beleive i didnt see this ,mmm,can i be cheeky and ask if you know of anyone with suspicious minds no bass just song cheers willing pay for time or swap stuff cheers for reply

Cheeky away :slight_smile:

I’ll post it a little later as it has a tempo change and will take just a little longer to transcribe. It will be in a drums on-press, though.

wow cheers ,is that a file that just plays as a song

It will just be the drum beat to the song but I will also be including other BeatBuddy versions of the song with different instrumentation. Are you looking for more than just the drums?

hi i replied by email ,cheers for this ,hope you get my reply its longer

(Added my reply directly to your post: if you used support@singularsound.com, that’s not my address—its Support’s. You can open a private conversation with me [preferred method] by clicking on my avatar—persist—and on Start Conversation)

Done: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/suspicious-minds-opbk-horns.3210/


Although this is an OPBk(horns) version, you can still use it as a drums one-press after you import the song by changing the drum set in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to Standard 1.1. The tempo changes will be there as well.

wowzer …thanks so much very well done ,we do this live, now with the beat buddy we,ll have to learn it over again ha ,sounds great right into the software and away

hi there please dont think i,m ungrateful this file plays amazing on the software but when i transfer it to the pedal the count in is loud but the song is at very low volume ,can u advise cheers

I’ll take a listen and adjust as needed.

hi there i,ll wait till your ready cheers… now question ? if i load cubase or something similar will i be able to import song to it then change ending for a crash say instead of drum outro ,which i think is great but confusing my bass player ,then export it back to bb manager ,please understand i really am grateful for the help ,after i get over this …i,m going to start trying to understand the full songs u guys are putting up thanks so much

[]Use the BBM Export to MIDI of the song section, say the Outro that you want to modify
]Import that MIDI section into Cubase; make your changes
[]Export from Cubase the section you just edited to MIDI
]Use the BBM to add the MIDI section back to the song

I just checked Suspicious Minds on my pedal from my monitors and headphones and the volume sounds consistent.

Did you check that you are using both the left and right outputs from the pedal (or the headphones output jack? Which kit are you using, the Standard 1.1 or the STAX Piano 4 Part?

hi there i,m using 1 out put just in bedroom amp ,for all and theyre all fine and standard kit …all files fine just this so o,m gigging tonight i,ll put 2 leads into pa mixer to test again cheers,thanks

hi ive tried ,and all i,m getting from pedal is count in ,but ,on bbm its great …a mystery ,