HIDEAWAY - Freddie King (John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers) OPB + Bosendorfer

Great classic blues instrumental … note, this is not a jam version… that’ll come later. Note, its in 12/8 rhythm except for one verse which is straight 4/4.

Use any of the Bosendorfer kits/
TABS included, one for the MAIN, one for the Bridge/SOLO section

HIDEAWAY.zip (524.8 KB)

Here’s Mayall and Clapton in 2006 … what could be better???

…well, maybe Freddie King … LIVE (note that he fingerpicks it!)[HIDEAWAY.zip|attachment]


Thanks for doing this ol’ classic Phil… Nicely done too…

I remember seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan do this one live during his Soul to Soul tour… It was 35 years ago today, at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium which only seats 2538 people and has amazing acoustics…

Freddie Kings version was great (how he does that with a thumbpick and fingers still amazes me), and I have always loved the Mayall / Clapton version as well…

Skol… :beers:

That one run if double stops down the fretboard drives me nuts . I can do it 1/2 speed but that’s it. I use a pick and index finger on the e string. Fun stuff.

Good to know that I’m not the only one that finds it very difficult to try and duplicate that run of double stops… :sunglasses:

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