High marks on the first test!

My BeatBuddy and footswitch arrived on Tuesday, and had a couple days to rest before the weekend finally arrived, and I had a chance to give it a test. I took the L&R outs and ran them into two inputs on my Tascam DP-24, keeping the BB volume at 85, and the channel trims at about 70. Good, strong signal, no clipping.

I chose Rock 8, set the BPM to 96, and assembled a quick demo tune, then did a mix.

I am impressed…I’ve had drum machines to work with, including my current Alesis SR-18, but the BeatBuddy sounds so much more “real”, so much more “human” in the mix…it is remarkable! The icing on the cake was how simple it was to connect it, listen to a couple of the default songs, and come up with this. Had I tried to do the same track on the Alesis, I’d be down there for hours, manual in hand, trying to lay it all out.

Where my friends and I write originals, I don’t need to worry about “sounding like the record” at all, which GREATLY simplifies the process. This is every bit the effective writing tool I hoped it would be.

My only concern is convincing my drummer friend that this is just a tool, and he can use the drum tracks I cook up as a guideline for what he’ll eventually put down.

Here’s the quick sample - http://www.anitabob.com/BB%20Test/BB.html for those who’d like to hear how the BeatBuddy records. (Suggest you right click and open in new tab/window for ease in returning to the forum).

I’d say it easily lives up to its press…well done, David and Singular Sound! :smiley:

Same here, got it yesterday and right out of the box I was jamm’in. I haven’t even made my own drum files yet. Love this thing!!!

Nice music BTW!!

Thanks Brazzy! You have a lot of really interesting tracks up on SC…have you done any with the BB yet? I’d like to hear you working that in with the instrumentals. I’ll be doing some of those with it as well.

Hey Thanks Bob, “Beat the Blues” & “When The Boss says Are Ya Done Yet” were created at the moment I turned it on. Of Course, after I had plugged it into the line input of my Line 6 UX2, fired up my computer, opened and configured GearBox & Ableton Live Lite 8. So I threw them together very fast with no editing. The first one, “Beat the Blues”, I had the Beat Buddy volume low so I went back later and remastered it. When I recorded it I was monitoring with headphones from the headphones out on the UX2 and it sounded great to me but the sampling was a lower volume.

Just got mine and I’m impressed.

1st off. Big Thanks to User Charles Spencer for loading all them files in the the Beats section.

After much trial and error …lol
I was able to load the Bead Buddy Program and I was able to create a Folder with a bunch of those songs and place that in the BeadBuddy Pedal. Just what I wanted out of this little guy. I was also able to create a song or 2 and added them to that file. I haven’t figured out to save them yet to download them into to the beats section on this forum but I plan on doing that eventually to return the favor although my songs are not so great at this point …lol

Hopefully that will change as I learn this stuff more :slight_smile: