High Pitch Squeal

Once my BeatBuddy arrived and I was able to install the downloaded packages, I was excited. Took my time to even make a set list with the BeatBuddy manager software. So the low down is, plugged into my Mackie mixer powered on the PA’s. Played the first song then OMG what on earth is that high pitch sound when scrolling through the songs??? I am fumigated about this due to the amount of money I have invested this. BeatBuddy, Singular Sound Foot switch and then the Premium Library Complete Collection. I was smart enough to give this a go before I invited the band mates over for a practice. What can be done about this? Also I noticed on the Singular Sound website that there is no place to register products?
Thanks in advance.

Update, found the registration/purchase free warranty on the Singular Sound Site.

Sorry you’re having a noise issue with your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal. Here’s some things to try to troubleshoot the problem. If none of them work, you can contact Support, support@singularsound.com for more help.
Isolate the problem:

  • disconnect all patch cables—audio, MIDI and remote foot switch
  • power the pedal using the power supply that came with your BeatBuddy (BB); plug the power supply into a single outlet—not a six socket extension
  • connect a set of headphones to the 1/8" Phones jack on the pedal; keep the volume low
  • make sure you are not getting fluorescent or cell phone interference
  • If no noise, start plugging the patch cables in one-by-one and individually to your pedal until the problem resurfaces. If the problem is due to a cable, swap it out
  • if the problem is the configuration of your mixer, try adjusting your mixer settings

Good luck and please let us know if and what it is you find that causes the noise.