High Pitched noise Aeros

Hey there,

I’ve got an issue with my Aeros. I was curious if anyone else had experienced anything like this. Basically, I’m in 2x2 mode, and MIDI connected to my BeatBuddy. The BeatBuddy is playing and then I click the Aeros in to record. I play through a few bars and then click the Play/Stop button. The Aeros then puts out a high pitch squeal, and becomes completely locked up on the start screen. I have to power off the unit and sometimes have to do this twice to get it back going again. This seems to repeat with the same actions. Please let me know! Thanks! @BrennanSingularSound @DavidPackouz Did you have an issue similar to this @Quad?


This is a crash, occasionally it emits a squeal when it crashes. Do you happen to be using an SD on your Aeros? If so, it saves a crash log to the SD that you can compress (as a .zip file) and send it to me as a PM. The log will hopefully tell us why that happened and how to fix it.

It is possible it has been fixed thus far, but these logs are always useful to make sure we fix it.

Sounds good. I am using an SD card. Where would you like for me to send it? Best, Keith

Zip the log file and create a private message (PM) to Brennan.

You create a PM by clicking on his avatar in this thread and you then click on the message button.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 7.59.14 AM


Hey follow those directions above! Thanks @persist