Higher Ground (Drums/Bass, jammable (Not one press))

This is drums and bass only, Stevie Wonder version.
Higher Ground - Stevie.zip (60.8 KB)


  • Intro - (5 bars, 1 bar 4 count, 4 bars drum intro with bass added)
  • Part 1 - 4 bars, drums and bass from verse/jam
    ** Fill 1 - 1 bar lead in plus chorus
    ** Fill 2 and 3 - 1 bar lead in plus chorus and full bridge
  • Outro - 2 bars of verse + final beat

The main song is in Eb. However I also created versions in D and E because I’m not sure yet what key we will perform this in. These .sng files and related .mids are included. I also included the original.mid that was included in persist’s version.

I am using a Vintage Ludwig + Bass 0-31 kit that I made, but it will work with most any forum kit with the bass in 0-31 (Rock and Rick Bass 0-31 or Sub Std Pro bass 0-31 for example)

I started with this version from Persist. I didn’t want the keys because I have a key player, so I’ve removed those.


Nice, thanks for this. This is the way I like to use BB as well, no fixed songs (might as well use a backing track, and sound better as well!!) which is what makes it such a great jamming device!

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Hi josborn777 — this sounds really nice. thanks for sharing.
I have the Vintage Ludwig kit, which I purchased some time ago and quite like, but (of course), not with the Bass 0-31 portion. Would there be a way for you to share the Bass portion of the kit ? (the hope would be that it would facilitate reproducing the vintageLug+bass kit you made)?


If you use the drumset editor in The missing editor for your BeatBuddy 🥁 BBFF you can very quickly create a new drumset and import your vintage drums and then import the bass 0-31 instruments from another kit to give you a new kit that has both.
Let me know if you need help doing that.

Hi Andrew: first: very kind of you to offer help. thanks.
I currently do not use BBFF, but it looks like it would be a good addition to my BB tools.
I managed to listen to josborn’s loops using the rock_and_rick_bass_0-31 drum kit.
I’m new to combining bass (or any other instrument sound) with the drum/percussion sounds, and I did not understand how the length/duration of the bass notes was controlled.
In the BBManager app, the bass notes sound OK (terminate quickly), but just editing one of the midi files in the BBManager and playing from withing the editor caused all the bass notes to blend into each other (and produce a very messy result).
Can you provide help/hints concerning this?
Thanks so much,

BB Manager doesn’t correctly edit instrument MIDI files because it doesn’t support note lengths. That’s one of the reasons I developed the BBFF editor.
If you want the bass notes to sound correctly, you’ll need to edit the MIDI file in an external DAW and import the file back into BBManager (with BBFF you can edit note lengths directly in the track editor)

@pj73 - I sent you a DM. Send me a proof of ownership of Vintage Ludwig and I will send you my .drm for Vintage Ludwig 0-31 bass and 62-88 bass.