Hi Ive had my BB about 4 months now and its amazing.Though it hasnt come without its frustrations.So I just thought Id post this because it would have been something I would have liked to know before I started using the BB midi editor and editing and using fills and transitions.
I found alot of the time the fills and transitions werent to my liking so what eventually dawned on me is if you want a great fill try this.To make a neat tight fill copythe main pattern cut then the length say if its a 2 or 4 bar pattern to 1 bar edit that one bar by adding a tom roll / crash / extra kick or whatever to your liking.Also I suggest getting a ‘open close’ hi hat midi sample from the resources its a must for me.After you’ve edited the main pattern copy as a fill simply paste into the fills or transition slot.It was like a light bulb going off when I realised that I could just use the main pattern as the starting point to make an appropriate fill.The good thing is as well is that if I accidently get the timing wrong when I push down on the main pedal it doesnt sound awful.I can also highly recommend purchasing the Beats from Singular Sound from which you can edit and use in other songs to your liking.

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