Hit/Stop 2nd. Switch Assignment(s)

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I just got my BB yesterday , and I am impressed to say the least on it’s well built nature , and super
sounding drum/percussion sounds , they are second to none IMHO .[/SIZE]
I have a Boss FS-6 ( 3 of them ) laying around not being used and realized they can trigger
BB’s remote switch input .
¿ I just can’t seem to get the [[SIZE=5] 2nd. Switch[/SIZE] ] on the remote to trigger a kick hit when engaging
[SIZE=4]or disengaging it ? Can’t find the info in the manual either . I got it to change stuff , Tap tempo etcetera . [/SIZE]
All I ended up with was another crash cymbal which sounds really cool with the two cymbals

    • but - -
      I would like to know how to get the kick or another percussion sound on that 2nd. switch .
      They work really well too I might say . The BB’s switch is a good one but the Boss FS-6 is really
      great and built nicer with Power on LED , momentary LED flash on each footswitch when you hit
      one to trigger them and they are silent compared to the loud click of the BB’s .

In closing thank you Singular Sound , looking forward to knowing more about your products .

[SIZE=4]EZ :

There is only 1 Accent hit assignment per main loop. I don’t believe you can program an FS6 or FS5 to send a separate midi command. I believe they send control voltage.

¿ As I mentioned , I have two cymbal crashes - ?