Hold and scroll button

Does anyone have a way on the MIDI Maestro to hold the button and have it scroll the song list as opposed to individually clicking through dozens of individual songs?

Unfortunately this is not possible at this time with the way the maestro works

Are you using the MM with the BeatBuddy or the Aeros?

I am using the MIDI Maestro with the Aeros in live performance. I specialize in taking requests, consequently I have a large number of tunes that I attempt to call up as the next tune. The only way I can go to a tune somewhere down the list is to also have the Aeros up by my hands to use the wheel with a free hand, which also isn’t that quick. I programmed a button on the MM to show the “song list” while I am still playing another tune. Then I use a pair of “up/down” buttons to navigate to the next tune. I have a “select” button and another button that toggles “play” and “stop” (at the EOL). My last button is an emergency “immediate stop”. Navigating a big list is the only drawback I have for this system.

This is a common issue that is not easy to solve on the devices themselves, something users have started doing is using Onsong to easily find songs on the iPad using their hands and then use the song select commands from there to open songs on the BB and Aeros on the fly

Please reach out to support@singularsound.com I’m sure they could help you get off the ground with how this would work with your set up.

I have just gotten into MIDI song selection using the Open Song app on Android. This is a game changer! I made a list of my songs and programmed MIDI commands for each one. It feels good to to just look at a list of songs on my phone and click on one, and see my Beatbuddy immediately switch to that song. The MIDI Maestro’s Bluetooth capabilities shine here, and really set it apart as a cut above other MIDI controllers on the market!