Hold down Intro so that it plays like a Transition

This is my first post in this forum. Having bought the BB two weeks ago, it’s becoming like an addiction!

I would like to suggest that the Intro can be selected to play like a Transition, which when pedal is held down, the Intro goes on playing. This would be useful for songs with a very light first verse, like most worship songs. Then the repeating Intro (with light hits for example) can be like the first verse.

And when the pedal is released, it goes into Part 1, which then would be like the first verse repeated but with more drums.

I personally believe this would be really nice to have. Good idea for the next major firmware update.

Maybe the Outro Fill can also repeat when the pedal is held down. This could be useful for a drum roll type of ending…

Would be cool, but double tap with holding the second tap, while playing guitar would be a hard fight… But maybe with Midi implementation…?

I’m casting my vote for this idea, but wouldn’t be sad if full MIDI support was added either.

What the Heck! Just add another remote pedal to do both jobs. Quick fix to #1. Put the intro where the transition should be. It uses the same type of files.

Yeah sometimes you just forget the first words, and have to do the intro again. Or, you need to tell a story or a joke, or instruct the sound man. I can see lots of uses for repeating the intro!

Hi Fingerstylepicker, how to you mean by ‘put the intro where the transition should be’? Do you mean putting the intro into the Part 1 transition, and having no main part or fills in Part 1?

The idea of having a repeating intro is that you do not want it to come back again during the song, unlike a transition which will be repeated after the last song part.

Let me put in another way. First, you start the intro which will bring you into “Beat Part One”. Right here at this point is where you say you want to play another intro? If this is correct, all you have to do is step on the pedal again and hold it until you want the intro-transition to go away. For instant reaction, you need to set the percentage of the measure to 0% so it will immediately trigger. Don’t let it get too far into the “Main Beat” before you hit and hold the pedal for the transition where the intro is. You actually have the intro in two places. It’s at the Intro and at the Transition. If you do this fast enough, you will never hear the “Main Beat” actually play before it switches to the transition where the intro actually is. When you release the pedal, it will let the “Main Part One” play as it normally would. When you get halfway through the song and want to transition to the “Main Part Two”, yes, the intro would play again at that point but it would be further into the song and would sound like a fill. It’s just a Drum passage anyway and is just like a fill. Fills are used for intros most of the time anyway. There actually is no difference between the two. It’s just a drum roll of some kind whether it’s used at the beginning, middle, or the end. The end or “Outro” generally has a Cymbal Crash at the end. It’s all in the timing and just how fast you are with your toe. If you don’t want it this way, then you’ll just have to make a request for it to be added to the next revision change or addition of another pedal. There are always ways around everything. It’s just finding a way to make it work for you.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker. P.S. There are pedal setups to worry about too, such as press to start or release to start, etc. Hope this helps.

There is also another way around this. Set up your remote pedal for instant stop. Hold down the Main Pedal so it will clear and you’re back at the beginning of the song to start the intro again. The way I have mine set up is I have a third pedal which I have hooked to the Main Pedal via a cable that runs thru the headphone jack hole where I removed the jack which I don’t use anyway. One end I soldered the leads across the Main Switch contacts inside carefully and the other end plugs into a Boss FS-5U Switch with polarity set for normally closed contacts, so it acts just like the Main Pedal Switch. This does the job well and I never have to touch the Main Pedal except for changing sets. So, I actually have three pedals set up (all are FS-5U pedals). The first one for the Main Switch, The second for Tempo, The third for the instant stop and start. Works great for me. Here is a drawing of my Pedalboard. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Hi Fingerstylepicker, thanks for all your suggestions. While they may work, they don’t sound simple to execute. I just like something simple, where the Intro works just like a Transition, except that it is in the Intro space of a song, and never gets repeated (once the Main Part 1 is played). With such a feature, the song can be started with a quick press of the main pedal, and the Intro plays once (like it is now), or if the song is started with a continuous press/hold down of the main pedal, the Intro repeats as long as the main pedal is held down (like a Transition), and when released, the Main Part 1 starts (after the last beat of the Intro).

I hope this is something simple to program in the next firmware. I think this would work great for worship songs or worship sessions, where the Intro or the lead-in can be quite long. Such a repeating Intro can also be used as the first verse, if you want a quiet first verse which you do not want repeated, and then the Main Part 1 can be the repeat of the first verse with a heavier beat. Wonder if this makes sense :slight_smile:

How about a ‘tap’ during the intro repeats the intro?

A tap to repeat the intro may not be so elegant as one would have to tap it very quickly before the Intro ends, and may have to tap it several times to keep it going. For a singer-guitar player, the less taps the better.

Currently, in the BB, a single tap is to activate a fill or to start a song. The only repeat operation is to hold down the pedal during a Transition. Hence it’s logical to keep the ‘hold down’ operation to repeat the Intro.

If it’s not possible to programme the BB to start a song with a hold down tap, then perhaps it can be programmed to start the Intro with a single tap like now, and allow a subsequent hold down during the Intro to repeat the Intro.

I’ve been thinking of another possible arrangement to the looping intro. Instead of holding down the main pedal to loop the Intro (like looping a Transition), perhaps in the Settings, on top of having the choice of Yes or No for the Intro, a third choice is given to select to loop the Intro. Under this selection, whenever the BB starts upon the first tap, the Intro will play and loop continuously, until the main pedal is pressed again. On this second press of the main pedal, the BB goes to play Part 1 of the song, at the start of the next bar.

Another enhancement to the above could be to allow a Fill to be added in BB Mgr at the Intro line. This Fill would play on the second tap of the main pedal before going on to play Part 1 of the song.

As this would be a global setting, all songs with an Intro would have it looped when the song starts.

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If you want the intro to loop, why not just make it the first main? then you can transition on whenever you want.

Just make the intro the way you want it in the Beat Builder just so it is not longer then 500 beats.

My reason for wanting a looping Intro is so that it won’t be repeated again, unlike a Part 1 which you have to come back to.

If you put in a long Intro, can you tap pedal to leave the Intro mid way to go to Part 1?

No, that`s not possible…:frowning: