Hold My Hand OPB (corrected)

Hootie & the Blowfish


  • Corrects the previous version I posted
  • Starts after the 4th hit of the HH count-in
  • Closed HH hits added to help pace the song

Suggested kit(s): NP StdPBass 63-91

Includes: 1 song, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Hold My Hand (Hootie & the Blowfish).zip (224.0 KB)

Hi there! Love this tune, but I can’t download it from the old forum. It no longer recognizes me. I had to change my PW to get into the new forum. I tried the “Download Here” link, but it doesn’t seem to be the correct song. Is there any way you can repost this here? Thanks very much.

Hi. Thanks for pointing this out. I did goof and I’ll take care of posting the correct version this weekend.

That’s awesome! Thank you!!

Replaced original post, above.

Thanks so very much!

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