Hollywood Nights Adjustment Needed

I was able to download Hollywood Nights from one of the resources here. It’s a great version but the bass sounds all distorted. I tried to lower the volume on Reaper but had all types if issues

I’ve uploaded the file with the tracks I tried to lower the bass. The original sound is in the outro.
Song uses the drum set NP StdBass 63-91.

Ultimately, I’d love to know how to just lower the bass volume on this track or make it less distorted. And, for someone to let me know what I did wrong with the tracks I tried to edit. If possible…
Hollywood_Nights_needs_adjusting.sng (62.7 KB)

Search the forum for “transposing bass in reaper”; I’ve posted 2 Reaper tutorials and they have the text instructions for lowering velocities in drums and bass.

I took a peak at the song in the BBM MIDI Editor and bass velocities are 115-120. You can lower to suit your gear and tastes but I normally bring the bass velocities down to 33 and for some of the newer kits, down to 25.

Not knowing how you made your edits in Reaper, it would be hard to tell how or where you might have gone wrong.

Check your forum inbox for the edited files.

Thank you Persist - I’m not trying to transpose the bass. (Although I have in the past and your tutorials are great).

This time it’s just the velocity I’m trying to lower. Is there an easier way to do that in Reaper or another program?

When I select all and bring down all the volume, the bass notes disappear entirely.

Please read thru the notes as there are instructions in both Reaper tutorials on how to lower velocities, which I understood is what you wanted to do, correct?

I tried to lower the bass velocities in Reaper and ran into the same issue as you did—the bass was no longer audible so I used Logic Pro X to lower the velocities. Check out your forum inbox.

Thank you again! It does make me feel better knowing that you had the same issues as I did. I assumed the problem for me was between the keyboard and the chair! But now I know otherwise.

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Sometimes I think it’s easier to start over with the MIDI source file than to try to adjust a BB song that somebody has already transcribed.

PEBKAC lol nice!