Honey I'm Good - Andy Grammar

Really fun song to play! I’ve attached the PDF of the lyrics, chords and the BB notations that I use.

TF=Transition Fill
TF5=Hold Transition Fill for 5 Bars (Release at the end of the pre-chorus)
Ignore the notation “(release)” in the chorus until the second last chorus


Could we get a re-up of this one please?

Sorry I haven’t checked the forum in a while. I’ll try to re-upload this one later this weekend.

Sorry it took me so long to upload. Here is the song file along with a PDF of the lyrics, chords and BB notations I use to navigate the song. HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Beatbuddy Notes/Symbols Legend:
Blue Triangle (play button) = Start/Fill In
Blue square with number = Transition Fill (number represents number of bars to hold the transition fill)
Blue “P” = Pause
Red “A” = Accent
Red “O” = Outro
*asterisk on chords = 1 strum and stop or hold

Honey Im Good.zip (44.3 KB)

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Thank You! I’ll give it a whirl.