How About 3 X 3 Mode As Well As Zooming And Or Screen Customization

Awesome as it is but…

A Verse Chorus Bridge demands 3 parts. Obviously 6 X 6 can handle it. 3 X 3 would keep a level of simplicity but if there was zoom in feature maybe it would not matter. But generally speaking, in terms of zooming in and zooming out and or customizing track or text size, it would be great if that was a feature. I would not be adverse to a giant overlay test box popping up that said “Recording At The Next Measure,” “Undoing Last Recording” etc. for a second or whatever before the measure.

My suggestions are trying to push the visual aspect which among other things makes this the best looper on the market to the next level.


Yeah I never understood why they settled for 2x2 and not 3x3 mode. A 3x3 mode makes more sense.

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IMHO, they think there’s no value in 3x3 without an extra switch. I think they are wrong.

There’s another thread suggesting that 6x6 show the currently recorded tracks larger and resize as you record tracks.


Three buttons… Next part. Track one RPO. Track two RPO.

Isn’t that the reason that 2x2 can be special, but everything else is just a subset of 6x6?

I can see the value in providing an option to limit the parts/tracks, but in the end they would have identical UI to 6x6. So I prefer to think of it as 2x2 mode and not-2x2 mode

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Also let’s have BB and Aeros song list synchronization!

A 6x6 zoom feature sounds really cool and intuitive. Not sure why this isn’t a feature request yet. That along with being able to save in song settings how many parts a song can have 6x2,6x3,6xect… What I can’t quite wrap my head around is a specific 3x3 mode. Not with a zoom out feature in place.

What is this zoom feature?
What will it do?
What I’m not liking about 6x6 is the fact you must arm the next part to make it move with BB.

Unless I’m mistaken when in 6x6 mode you only see 2 tracks until you arm the 3rd and then the screen zooms out to show 3 tracks and so on untill 6 tracks. That way you can better see what’s going on the screen. This coupled with a song setting allowing 2-6 parts and the user can better decide how the looper looks and functions in terms of number of tracks and parts. we would see more info on the screen and click less getting to parts.

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I think you’re incorrect here. You can see all 6 tracks but until you record on each one they are only faintly visible. They light bright as you have used them. No" zooming" takes place.

No, I realize that. Its that this entire thread should have been marked as a feature request because that is what it is. A feature request for Zoom out and a predisposed part number in-between 2 and 6 parts that is user assignable.

Maybe JimD can alter the thread or create a new one that is tagged “feature request.”

I think a 3x3 mode would be great… often, in 2x2 I find myself wishing I had one more, but not needing 4 more.


6x(N) would can work, if the Aeros only displays as many tracks as being used (Zoom out as more tracks are created.) This isn’t going to be a thing for a long while, but I hope SS eventually does a major overhaul on the workflow, even if it is on a Mk II Aeros.