How about adding Volume adjustment to songs in BB Manager

I’d like to recommend a change for your next Beatbuddy Manager app. I’d like you to add the availability to set the volume as a default value. Maybe also add a checkbox that turns this option on or off and by default is off. That way no changes need to be made to existing beats that were never configured with volume settings. This is important because when I setup a set list folder of songs some of your drumsets have lower volumes (I.E Brushes). This would eliminate me to bend down and reset the volume between songs.

Definitely true. The Cajon kits are whisper quiet compared to the others, so I’ve just pretty much stopped using them instead of taking the time to tweak them. I need one consistent volume across my live set.

Definitely, I need this feature to balance the volume of different kits in my live set list!

Have you considered running a gain pedal off the output??
I’t might add another layer of complexity, but in my case it was so simple to do and fixed the comparative level issue completely.
As a bonus you get yourself some dynamic capability. (although in some circles dynamics and drummers are mutually opposed:D )


hmmmm… i have a volume pedal after the output… real pain for me - would much rather support the concept of being able to ‘set’ a volume for each song - it does not look good in a live performance to keep bending over to look at the floor (and i have to get pretty close these days :slight_smile: - and yes, i know i can change the velocities etc in builder - and i have - but that can be rather tedious if - like most of us - we have a fairly large repertoire to deal with in one go when we start to use BB. … and… whilst i’m on the subject :slight_smile: - the suggestion of using just one or two kits is sensible - but one of the real advantages of BB is being able to introduce variety particularly as most users are likely to be duos or single acts when it can be difficult not to sound a little ‘samey’
so… another vote for volume added to songs if practically possible - thanks chaps

Individual song volume control would be nice. Now the only way is to turn down velocity. Some midi s are cranked all the way up. Others have a great balance with nice accents.

Some type of compression would help i believe. Some of my experiences with midi songs has been with volume differences. the original people that made the songs can be agressive as they produce them. others were very quiet. ive wound up just having a volume control near by to make adjustments.

Thanks for the volume control by individual song suggestion, folks. I checked the Feedback tab and it appears that no one ever posted it there, so I did.

I’m also running into the volume fiddling issue when playing a set, so would very much like to see this feature. This wasn’t stated, but it seems it would be most useful for the volume adjustment to be a relative adjustment (i.e. song would have a lower or higher volume relative to the songs that don’t have a volume adjustment). This would allow the pedal’s overall volume to be adjusted for the room being played, with the overall volume properly applying to songs with or without an individual volume adjustment.

Has any found a way to do his setlist maker running android tablet how to set volume of Beat buddy from SSM