How About new folders

It would seem to me for those of us who are not computer program comfortable that it would be a good idea if BB were to market folders for different styles of music. There are folders that I probably will never use like Raggae, Metal, Techno, Etc., but I sure would like a folder of Classic Country (Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, and the like) and if I had 9 or 10 possibilities, it would seem a useful addition to what I can do with the BB. I also play a lot of Mariachi music and the adaptability of the Latin section to Mariachi is almost negative. So either I learn all the midi stuff or maybe I pay a professional to do exactly that and buy a folder or two.

Hey Jim, I agree!. have you found any good ole Country kits?

No, I do a lot of Classic Country and some of these folders on the BB just mix about as well as oil and water. The closest thing I can find is the World > Waltz> or Polka since they do not have the Rock and Roll Snap of the Snare but some of them just do not match up.

Yes I agree, i have found where I can purchase some Basic GIG Beats, but still not quite what I’m, looking for. , Like th eold Boom chck boom chik beat and highat … Next step I suppose is to createw my own.

I need the same. If anyone figures out a midi for this style, please share. thks