How about selling beats by the singles

I looked over the beats in the new beat premier content library and wonder why there is no way to buy a single. For example in number 4 there is only one song that I would conceivably use, but it seems a waste and a use of memory to download the whole set up and never use the other songs in the library.

I also like this idea - maybe make them avail for .99 each, like iTunes and a whole album of 10 songs for $5.

I would also add (from a newbie, just getting my head around bb) is to sell the non song specific drumset packs with the actual rhythm samples demo’d,
I was disappointed to find after purchasing the Vintage pack, that your just getting the sound of the kit, and not the actual rhythm style demo’d.

That’s exactly what I thought!

Yes please! If there was a generator I’d pay like $2.50… a song.

Yes I agree I would be more inclined in buying singles then the whole pack and only using one or two out of it. Probably explains why I have not bought a full CD of one group in years :slight_smile:

I agree; this is a great idea!

I look at this differently. I’m not looking to buy a song, I’m looking to find beats and kits that I can use in the future to match to songs as I see fit. I’ve found the $5 charge for each beat and kit to be very cost effective and I prefer having the flexibility of families of beats to match with kits rather than trying to buy songs. Some songs require different beats and kits depending the type of set and style of the band.


Same here!

YES PLEASE! Fifty cents per song would do it. I am not willing to buy songs until I can choose exactly those I want. Even better if you made it possible for other authors to submit songs and get a cut of the revenue.