How are Mac users listening to beats via the manager?

I have the manager installed via wine bottle application but I can not listen to the beats on it. At this point I have to play the song and try to locate the beat on the pedal. Then go into the manager and try to find that beat and insert it into my project. I can’t even tell if its right until I sync and and play via the pedal. Very frustrating. I can’t listen to fills so they’re just luck of the draw. Building a project makes me shutter. Any help?

I have a parallels system on my mac and using Windows Vista but the sound of the files through my BB Manager are distorted so I too have to listen on my pedal and make notes then go to BB Manager and make adjustments. Its a bit of a pain but it gets the job done until a) The sound issue is fixed or b) a Mac version is released or c) maybe both.


I also use Parallels for BBM till OSX version. A really nice thing to audition quickly is to use a DAW. Any will do but Live is very quick and made to do ad-hoc loop selection so just add the root folder of the midi content then pick any loop and drag it to the interface to play it. It has the benefit of continuously playing the loop until the next is dropped so no need to start stop etc and if you have other midi patterns in the folders they also could be selected to compare and edit while there.