How are you using Midi Maestro

As I glance over to my boxed Midi Maestro, patiently waiting for an IOS app. I was curious to know how other people have been using the MM. Specifically,

  • What does the app look like from the user end?
  • What’s the process to change the pedal commands?
  • Is it simple and quick to use?
  • What settings are you using for your pedal?
  • If someone has a customized settings, can they share it with another user?
  • To that end, can settings be shared and somehow applied if we do not have the android app?

I’d love to hear or see some videos of what people are doing at this point.

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I m using MM to change tempo and songs/folders (BB) in an easy way. Not more. I hate to bend down to do this. In the future with IOS app i hope to change one button for pause. And i hope to find a way to change songbook pages with one button. By the way i like the blue displays :slight_smile:

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Mine is a doorstop waiting for the iOS app.

Me too (ie waiting for IOS app).

same, except waiting on a manual

I finally have the Midi Maestro controlling both the AEROS and the BeatBuddy but there are times that I find the BeatBuddy gets a little too eager to participate. Until I have the IOS App to modify the Midi Maestro settings, I found the following MIDI Kill Switch helps me control how the BeatBuddy acts when trying to use the MIDI Maestro to control the AEROS:

I’m using mine to control pedals on my pedalboard, a line six HX stomp to switch patches and control patch parameters and toggle tuner. I also control two Source Audio pedals, a Ventris dual reverb and a Collider delay/Reverb. Switching patches and parameters. This setup works great and eliminates a lot of tap dancing. I can even switch my OD pedals on/off since they are in the fx loops of the HX Stomp. I also have a BB and the Aeros looper onboard. Really happy with the functionality. I also use OnSong on my iPad and can interface it with my pedalboard via the MM and Bluetooth.

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Currently works great as a controller for the BB, which I didn’t really need… I’d like to get it working with my Boss RC202 looper. Has anyone had any luck getting it to work with a Boss looper?

As long as you have the MIDI mapping for the RC202 commands from the MIDI Maestro to the RC202 should work as with any controller.

It would be nice if it worked as any other controller. I need to find someone who’s got a Boss looper to see if they did anything extra. I have by the book everything set correctly on both sides. The channel set the same, BB on merge, CC commands on the RC202 set accordingly and the CC commands from the MM set accordingly by the app. But no communication. I’ve tried both doing it through the BB and direct, so it’s not the BB. It normally works as a slave to the BB perfectly (and still works fine, but the MM does nothing for the RC202.

I’m hoping that there’s something to do with the CC value, as it does seem to react differently depending on the value set, but I can’t seem to pin down a pattern. Nothing in Boss documentation even mentions using values, so was hoping somebody has A) got theirs to work and B) knew if that was relevant or had to do some other thing that was overlooked or different.

Are you sure your RC202 is set to MIDI Merge? Or somehow is set to receive commands? I’d look into it on Boss’s manual for the unit

The RC202 is last on the chain. It goes from the MM to BB to RC. The BB controls the RC fine (it syncs, it starts, stops, and pauses the loops with the beat). And yes, it’s set to receive commands, and the commands are matched to the functions I want (start, stop, record, undo, change track). I’ve scoured the book for any additional info and there’s nothing.

Is the BB set to MIDI Merge?
Main Pedal > MIDI settings > MIDI Out> Output type

Yes, it’s set to merge.

I’ve even tried it directly from MM to RC without the BB and still nothing. I really think there’s probably a specific CC value or something else that’s needed for the RC that’s not in their manual.

Do you have the right midi channel set on the RC202?

Have you checked a different MIDI cable?

Yup, tried that too.

Nice setup. What do you use the Boss A/B Footswitch for? I set mine up to mute the BB, but was not happy with that solution, as any song parts change would unmute. Ended up using a volume pedal to mute and unmute the BB.

The Maestro sends part change messages to the BB, Aeros, and AKAI MPC One. The BB generates start, stop, and clock messages that go to the Aeros, to the AKAI MPC One, Korg Minilogue, Korg Volca FM, Line 6 Helix, and Boss VE-500. The MPC One sequences the Minilogue, Volca FM, and the BB via the thru on the Maestro. Yes, a midi cycle, but it’s no issue when done right. The AKAi MPKmini and the big white midi keyboard control different tracks on the MPC One.

I have the Maestro running a custom mode that switches between song part switching and track muting, basically.

I used to have a custom midi rule system running on a raspberry pi as part of all this, but I recently reworked how to manage the midi cycle without it.

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