how can I add an instrument to a Drum set in the drum set maker

Hi folks,
when I make a new drumset, it contains only 13 instruments, (no tambourine for instance).
How can I add a new instrument to the Drum set, to give it the 54 and make it a tambourine?

Have your new drumset open. Click on Drumsets -> Add Instrument in the main drop down menu. Each time you do that it will add a new instrument to the top of the list starting with MIDI ID 0, then 1, etc. Click on the MIDI ID-Instrument Name. In the Instrument details dialogue box, you can change the name of the instrument and the MIDI ID. You SHOULD change the MIDI ID for a tambourine to the General MIDI standard of 54 (F#2).
You will then add a sound wave (.wav) file for each volume range you want to support.

Yeah, that works! :slight_smile: Thank you!

This is how the tambourine in every drumset, including the premium drumsets, is supported, but a real tambourine sound is MUCH more complicated. There should be support for a shake or roll. There should be support for a strike or stop against the hand or leg. If the tambourine (or related instrument) has a head like a pandeiro, there should be a set of wave files for open and tone strikes on the head and strikes to the rim.

A minimum for worship should be open shakes back and forth and striking the palm of the hand.

If you’re clever and careful, you can have the accent hits be part of the same instrument. You would just load the open shakes into the lower volume ranges and load the accented palm or leg strikes into the higher volume ranges. Then when you want to do an accented palm strike in the pattern, you would select a higher volume. This way, you’re controlling the accented sounds of the instrument in the pattern with the volume of the instrument in the pattern which is what it’s intended to do anyway.

yes, thats exactly what I’ve done. I had some short tamb-sounds and some long, some higher and some lower.
I just used them in the same channel but with different choke groups. But anyway, thanks for this tipp, Gabriel!