How can I play flute thru AEROS?

how can i play my flute though AEROS i am buying a mic at end of flute…i want a track for flute a track for drums a track for bass and a track for vocals and or piano is this possible…please help i got and idea…denver coorado

It would be best to buy a mic pre-amp like the ROLLs mp13

You can record any instrument into the Aeros, but you may prefer the use of a Mixer before you go into the Aeros in this case, that way you could send all the signals into the Aeros and record them in stereo from the mixer.

Let me know if this helps

mixer samall mixer hoe many channels?? you think

Probably at least as many as instruments you want to use at one time, the biggest thing is that your mixer has 1/4" line outputs to plug into the Aeros.

what size mixer dont have a lot on money not giging anymore??? just asking please young man.

sounds like you need 5 track mixer behringer qx1002 is $100 and is 2kg or you can get cheap mixers from amazon or aliexpress, i got a teyun a4 not sure if it is any good but it was $50 and works, also the just mixer looks alright on amazon and is also $50 but i think it only has 3 inputs as does the teyun

I think my Zenyx Behringer eight-channel mixer is great, the best part is it has 2 unbalanced quarter-inch outputs that I can send signal into the Aeros, then I can send the Aeros back into the mixer in a separate channel. It requires some know-how to make sure you don’t create feedback, but it sounds great.

Definitely not perfect with this mixer live if your hands are very busy.

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sounds like a plan upright bass drums flute…i might have something thanks for imput,young man…

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I am just going to use the looper plus a preamp and a boost pedal for guitar and maybe an audio splitter for the line in for two synths

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sounds like a plan upright bass drums flute…i might have something thanks for imput,young man…

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my 6x6 is stuck can not go back to 2x2 why help???

Hi there,

You are technically on a topic that is not related to what you’re asking about, but for the sake of helping the reason you cannot do this is that once you start recording a song, you cannot change a song from 2 x 2 to 6 x 6 or vice versa. If you want to start a song in 6x6 and change it to 2x2 it must be a new clear song, or a song that you have already cleared.

You clear the song by holding the play, stop all button and then heading yes when the delete dialogue pops up.

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thank sir next time i will stay on topic…

Hey there,

I was not referring to you don’t worry, this is your own topic you are by no means off-topic right now!

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My best set up is a mixer going into a preamp or audio interface then looper so really two chained preamps

Not sure why the preamp or audio interface between the mixer and Aeros? The mixer alone should provide the gain needed for a mic and other inputs and as well the level matching to the Areos. Additional gain stages may just may create more of a problem in setting levels for each device.

Are you recording the performance? If you are using a Mixer that does not have phantom power you should really be plugging into your Pre amp first, then plugging the pre into the Line IN on your Mixer channel for the vocals

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Got the ag06 Yamaha and yes it seems it can be used alone my mixer was too crap before


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You’re welcome