How can I start an intro like this song?
there are quite a lot of song start with that intro(well,I dont know if that can be called as an intro or not)
is it possible to do the same thing to my beatbuddy?
(sorry for my bad english,it wasn’t my native language)

Two ways to make that happen:

[]Program the entire intro with a count-in and a peddled hi-hat to keep time (this is the best solution, because it ensures you’re going the same speed as the BB)
]Set up the song with NO intro. When the drums come in hit the main BB pedal ) and then hit the Stop button on the external pedal[/list]


but refering that song
there are actually a few drum part before the main loop kicks in

Yes, I understand. That’s why I say either program the whole thing or start and stop the BB.

Maybe I’m missing something?