How can I stop the beatbuddy and have it just start over?

How can I stop the beatbuddy and have it just start over? If I’m practicing, I don’t want to have to click it twice, wait for the outro just to start over.

There is a “triple tap stop” setting available in the pedal settings. Enable that, and you can triple tap to end a song without playing the outro.


@Phil_Flood Thanks!! I have it on carpet and when I double tap, it slides out of reach of my foot. Triple tap might send it into the other room. :joy:

I was hoping I could program the footswitch to do it.

set one of the switches as main, then you can triple tap on that, without shipping the bb anywhere

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Putting velcro on the back for board mounting also gives you a grip if you use it solo. I use the hook side for under the pedals and the loop side on the board.

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Hey there,

If you have the Footswitch + or a MIDI controller (like the MIDI Maestro) you can use pause and unpause to stop the playback immediately and start it from the beginning each with one tap. Make sure you do not have Mute Pause enabled, as this will not unpause it from the beginning of the part.

Note: BeatBuddy will not play the intro when you unpause

Thanks for the question!


…or if you just don’t want outros, delete them in BBM.


How do I configure it to do that in the menu?

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Do you mean to configure the BeatBuddy footswitch or configure the MIDI Maestro?

@BrennanSingularSound I have an a b footswitch and I set a as the main pedal for intro, fill, transition and I want to set b as the stop. How do I configure beatbuddy to do that without triple tap stop?

The only way to have the pedal just stop, is via disabling outros in the pedal settings (or removing the outro from each song).
I use my external pedal. I have it set up as follows:
When playing: left - accent, right - pause
When paused: left - accent, right - unpause
When I want a song to stop without an outro, I press both buttons and the song ends with a crash symbol.
This is also great for a quick drum-less section, I can then hit both buttons again to restart the beat with a crash symbol.
If I don’t want to start the song again, I hold down on the main pedal to stop (no outro) (NOTE: This requires Pedal settings → Main pedal → Start Beat → Release)

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I have [left] set to pause and use that if I don’t want to trigger an outro … don’t really miss accents.