How can I upload my own drum kits

i’ve been using my unit and now I’m ready to dive in the programming side of things. I want to buy the new cajon drumset but also want to use other drum loops I have. How can I import them and using what? I tried messing around the software but wasn’t much help. I want to import audio loops and set them on a new drumkit. But I don’t understand how to create a drumkit. I see the button for it but nothing happens as I click.

Maybe any links please?

This link might help you get started (at least with editing drum sets).

The beatbuddy is not designed to be used with drum loops, although with much patients and experimentation it should be possible, but you will encounter problems linking from one to the other and of course the temp is locked.

Persist thanks for that! I will give it a good look once I get home after work

@Psalm40 That is what I was afraid of.

So is there any soft rock drumkit with a closed hi hat for verse and sa cool ride or slightly open hats for chorus?

The standard rock kit with the open hats for part one are too harsh for me. A little too 80’s Or harder rock. O am trying to achieve a solo gig setup where I can use my boomerang looper and set layers for 90’s songs in a more loungy way. Oasis, incubus, etc.

Any packs they sell on the BB one could recommend? I’m getting the coffee one for sure but for rock I am not too please with the one that comes with the unit.

alot of people talk about this… try the brushes kit

Thank you guys!

Those videos are great!! Lot’s of info!