How can I use a midi pedal that’s not midi maestro

I can’t seem to get a midi pedal (not midi maestro) to connect to aeros loop studio. I’m trying to send midi cc 38 to mute/unmute tracks but can’t get it working. Is it even possible to use a third party midi pedal?

The midi commands are standard so should work with any midi controller. Make sure you send cc38 value 0 to mute all tracks (1-6 for individual tracks) and the cc38 value 127 to unmute. Also make sure you are on the latest Aeros firmware.

Thanks for the reply, that’s good to hear so I’ll have to try and figure out my setup, I’m using a laptop with a tone shifter mega, The tone shifter only sends certain midi messages which can’t be changed so I’m using a bome midi type program to send midi 38cc etc.

No mention of Channel, be sure yo have the same channel set both for the sending and receiving device. You have to have one of the later firmwares installed too.

thanks, I didn’t mention channel as I thought that’s too obvious. I think their may be something wrong with my tone shifter mega as I can get it working with a usb to midi converter