How do I add a wired foot switch to this setup of Beatbuddy/Quantiloop/IRig Duo

I have an IRig duo communicating via midi in/out to my Beatbuddy and this is working nicely with Quantiloop.

As the Beatbuddy requires both the MIDI in and out from the IRig - how do I attach a wired midi footswitch to this setup? Do I need another piece of hardware, or some kind of adapter or splitting cable?

You will need the Singular Sound MIDI Adapter and a MIDI patch cable.

There’s lots of information available by searching the forum on configuring the BB, iPad and Quantiloop.

Hi persist,

I have the Singular Sound Midi Adapter and the patch cables.

My issue is that when you connect the IRig to the Beatbuddy via the singular sound Midi adapter this uses up the MIDI in/out on the IRig. Given this where can I attach a wired midi footswitch to control Quantiloop?

I have searched and searched and I can only find that people are using bluetooth footswitches.

You might be able to harvest some connectivity ideas from this link