How do I add my .WAV loops to a song?


I have my song parts all made in ,WAV. In the video it says and shows them in that format I believe but when I click to add a “fill” lets say, and go to the folder with my .WAV files. It only allows .midi files. Whats going on.? what do I need to do? :frowning:


WAV files are ONLY accepted for drumset patterns, or an accent hit.

What you are trying to do is simply not allowed. Like trying to hammer a nail with a chainsaw :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :slight_smile: . I was under the impression that one could add there own loops as long as they where .wav files. I realize I am doing this incorrectly… but there does not seem to be a wiki on how to accomplish adding your own loops. So how would one go about doing what I am attempting? There are songs that I can not find proper beats for like say U2 with or without you. I happen to have these files! they are in short 3 second .wav file loops. If I can’t use them , How can I duplicate them elsewhere to use? I’m more of a “can do” then a “can’t do” person. I guess I’m really just look for a solution.


As I have posted elsewhere…the Beatbuddy is designed to trigger WAV files from midi files, currently there is a limit to the size of WAV files it can trigger, which is 3.7MB. If your WAV files are less than that then in theory you could create a custom drumset for your WAV files and then create a midi file to trigger them. Bare in mind though that the BeatBuddy also has a limit of 500 notes any midi file can have. The BeatBuddy could then trigger 18 WAV files that way, if you needed more then you would have to play around with the velocity.
That is the theory, but to be honest I don’t think it would work and you would get even more frustrated along the way - the unit is just not designed to be used in that way. Better finding midi files of the song and just keeping the drum track. Let us know though if you manage to get it to work.


Realistically speaking, your situation is pretty tricky. The solution provided by Psalm40 (while totally flawless, more than simply correct, and could help you achieve what you want, but) is pretty hard. You will have to do totally unintuitive things, like adding a MIDI note (let’s say) 64 with the start of the song, then MIDI note 68 with the middle of the song, then MIDI note 69 with the ending. The whole your song will then be covered with a totally unrealistic MIDI file with notes | 64 | 68 | 68 | 68 | … | 69 |. That’s actually a much much more work to achieve the same goal!

I believe what is a lot easier to fix is

Simple google for ’ gtp’. I’ve already posted a complete step-by-step guide on it here - Searching for a Guitar Pro tab is much more likely to succeed than attempting at custom drumsets :slight_smile:

Wow, looks like you have more “fresh” information on the subject! Here is the link for your post where you said that -


Thanks for the help everyone. What I’m currently working on is dragging and dropping “close to the beat I’m looking for” From the BB MIDI folders into Logic Pro. Editing them there and exporting as midi to a separate file to be loaded from the manager. I’ve completed and successfully loaded one. It works very well. They are not perfect but if I share them and the process others can edit and share as well I’m hoping.