How do I change the accent

I have the default accent which is a cymbal. But how to I change it to a kick drum? Is there a tambourine available? The manual is very basic with little detail. Is there a more detailed manual?

You will need to wait for the BeatBuddy manager software release. It will be available in a week or so. You can check the forum for more info.

It’s possible to change accent hit on a per song part basis. E.g. you can have first song part with a cymbal and a second part with a kick drum as an accent hit.

As far as the manual coverage goes - what information do you feel is lacking?

Thanks for that. I have another query. I find it useful to press remote pedalB to pause the beat buddy when I need the beat to stop instantly to finish the song with vocals and no beat. But I am getting a cymbal accent on the pause which I do not want. Can you please tell me how to get rid of that so the beat stops with no extra sound when I press pedal B? Thanks

It sounds like the footswitch isn’t wired correctly and switch B has both the tip and ring wired to it (sleeve goes to both, as it’s the common/ground). So Tip should go to one switch and Ring to the other. (Using a TRS cable).

Hope that helps…


I used the automatic feature to “detect” the footswitch, using the supplied TRS cable and it works perfectly. This is the official footswitch with the latching switches. I do hope the manager sw will be ready soon!

That’s interesting cause thats exactly what I wish my footswitch would do. I have to press both switches simultaneously to get the cymbal and pause to end a song. I wish I could assign those two to one switch and maybe the other one for just pause without cymbal.


Yeah, I don’t know how that is possible. maybe Psycopath can tell us what settings his footpedal is set to, also is it a Beatbuddy footswitch or something else - maybe it got mis-wired in the factory.

One thing to note is the Beatbuddy is designed to be as versatile as possible. Personally I would like every song to have the ability of different footswitch settings. Sometimes you want it to just stop and other times you want to stop (Pause) with an accent hit.

I always assumed that the Beatbuddy would require some practice to be able to use it effectively, e.g tap tempo, hitting two footswitches at the same time with one foot.

This could be added as a feature request.

As far as I know, it is intended to pause and accent hit to happen at the same time ONLY if you press both pedals simultaneously. However, broken cable (between footswitch and BB) can make that when pressin only a pause.

Double check BB - footswitch connections and try some other chords to see if the problem is fixed. Please report us back with the results, as I am personally very interested in hearing about this!