How do I change the initial project open path\folder

If i want to redirect BB to open up on a different Project\folder than it is currently set for…where or how do i change that. Looked in the Menu items but see no Parameter type file that might of had that path in it.

If you are referring to the BBM (BeatBuddy Manager), use BBM File - Open Project and navigate to the new project you want to open.

If you want your BBM to permanently open a project in a different bbworkspace or folder, BBM Tools - Set Workspace Location and navigate to the new project you want to establish.

Hey Persist, I think he might mean the song/folder that opens when BBM starts. Doesn’t it always open on Folder 1, Song 1.

You are more than likely right. My interpretative skills are lacking :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, man, for awhile one of my job duties was interpreting geek to English, just sayin’.:grinning:

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Yes, what i wanted was to have it open a different folder than i had originally set up. Turned out, i just had to SLIDE the one I wanted up to the top of the project.
Didn’t realize that just moving IT up, was the solution.