How do I change the volume of the drumkits?

I have a setlist of tunes where I use different drumkits for different songs.

Sometimes there is quite a big change in volume from one kit to the other (e.g. Jazz Brushes vs. Standard), and I can’t stop and adjust the volume from the pedal for each song.

Is there a way to change the volume of a whole drumkit so ALL the songs that use that kit have that volume?

Thanks for all your help.

Unfortunately you can’t, you can currently only change the volume of the individual instruments within a drumset. I have lowered the toms on the standard kit as I find them too boomy.

Thanks for your help, this is very disappointing…

Maybe a futue request? It would be a very helpful feature…

Yes, this would definitely be a useful feature to have in the BeatBuddy in the future.

Drums should add to the song rather than take away and it is somewhat discomforting to have to reach over on the mixer and change the volume on a given song because it is too loud for a song. In the future, hopefully, you could adjust the volume in much the same way you set the bpm.

Hopefully, as it is right now I can’t really use it live, unless I use the same drumkit for all the songs.

Please, let’s fix this if at all possible…

As I state above you can change the volume of each instrument, if you adjust all of them you will lower the volume of the whole kit.
One other thing to bear in mind is the velocity of the the midi notes in a given pattern so not only are drum kits various volumes so are different songs so there will always have to be some fine tuning on the volume front. This will be especially true if you use “electronic beats” with an acoustic drum kit. I believe some here use a volume pedal and other gizmos. I have a Rolls personal mixer which is clamped to my mic stand so I can tame the volume of certain songs.

I am suddenly busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. I have Air Turn pedals to change songs and pages on my IPad, Now I have a BeatBuddy Drum set with the main pedal and additional footswitch. My two hands are busy with the guitar, and I need to figure out how to adjust the volume on each individual song. Sometimes I wonder if it would not be cheaper to hire a drummer who could play 3/4 time, adjust the volume and mood of the song, and maybe do a solo or two when I wanna take a break.:confused::frowning:

I understand, but having a virtual master volume for each song, just like the BPM, would be much more practical.

Let’s hope it will be addressed in a future manager update.

The way I found around this was to build a Tone/Volume Box for Stereo. I took a small “Hammond” aluminum box and mounted two 500K potentiometers for volume and two 500K potentiometers for
Tone Controls. I used two .1mfd capacitors for tone circuit. This control box is mounted on the output circuits of the Beat Buddy. I have the volume set at 40% and the tone set at 30% and this covers most of the songs in the Beat Buddy Pedal. I might have to adjust it a little for the louder driving drum beats or hard crash cymals but not to often. It works out pretty well. The guitar signal is also atennuated but that is easily boosted with other pedals I have on the pedalboard. Here is a drawing of the Control Box and the circuitry inside.[ATTACH=full]1347[/ATTACH]