How do I combine drum rhythms/kits?

I need some help.

Not all of us are MIDI experts.

I would like to combine, for example, a specific kick drum track from one kit (reggae stomp), with a snare and hi-hat, etc. sounds from another kit (country). How do I do this? I have Studio One recording software on my laptop. Will that help? I am really not clear on how to either export the MIDI files to the Studio One software on the laptop, or to somehow use the BB Manager itself to internally combine different drum parts from different kits so I end up with a new drum rhythm (combination of two different drum tracks). I hope this is clear.

Any info greatly appreciated.



While I totally understand what you want to do, my answer may still left you wondering.

When I only started playing with my BeatBuddy, I felt I must have a MIDI note 40 (Electric Snare) covered together with MIDI note 36 (Acoustic Snare) in Metal drum set. So I simply made a new MIDI note 40 for Metal drumset, and added all the sound samples from MIDI note 36 of Standard drumset. I loved the result more or less.
You can refer to for some extra info on the process.

Unfortunately, this drumset was for older firmware version, and I don’t believe it is compatible now, so uploading it won’t be of any use :frowning:

Second, it looks like current manager software prohibited the possibility to export WAV files from existing drumsets. I can only wonder it was made for anti-piracy purposes.

So, if you have your own WAV files with beat samples, manager software will indeed help you make new drumsets, or customize the existing ones. But currently I know no way of reusing the sound samples that are already packed in a BeatBuddy drumset.