How do I control the BB Manager grid layout?

Is there a simple way to control or reset the grid layout in BB Manager? Sometimes the individual cells stretch across the entire screen. If I grab the blue edge of a cell at the top of the grid and move it left or right, there’s an unpredictable chain reaction. It’s like a bunch of uncontrollable elastic bands in both directions. Sometimes I can’t even find the right edge of a cell, it’s so far off. Haven’t found any directions related to this subject. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks!

If you are referring to the layout in the MIDI Editor, it is really wonky and I gave up on using it because it is not adjustable; the scrolling performance makes it unusable.

If you are referring to the layout of the song play back pane, I don’t think the placeholders for the song components are resizable.

The edge of the Project Explorer pane can be resized.

Sorry for the mixed-up terminology. The problem is with the MIDI Editor. Doesn’t sound too promising.

So what do you use to make beats for the Beatbuddy? New to the whole midi beat creation thing. Is there a standard “good” program to use? If so, how would you use the Beatbuddy’s sounds, if at all? Thanks!

Most users don’t make beats from scratch. They usually edit an existing song that has been sequenced into a MIDI source file and transcribe the drums, bass and other instruments using a digital audio workstation (DAW) into a MIDI file suitable for the BeatBuddy. These are usually done as a one-press format.

Regrettably, the MIDI Editor built into the BeatBuddy Manager does not lend itself very well to beat creation as it is awkward and highly inefficient. It is barely suited to very light corrections. This has long been a complaint of users.

I’m a Mac user and my DAW is Logic Pro X but I also like to use Reaper (MAC and PC versions are available).

There are tutorials on this forum created by Guitar Stu, aashideacon, Phil Flood, Psalm40 and BeatBuddy Worship that show the general process.

I actually like using the MIDI Editor for creating songs from scratch, though I’m sure there are better methods. I’m finding this layout issue to be a serious problem only when I bring in MIDI files from other programs, like MuseScore or Finale Notepad.